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Important Terms for Apprentices

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Application for your secondary (provincial) apprenticeship benefits including commuting, dependent care, etc. (see also commuting benefits, dependent care benefits, disability benefits, living away from home benefits, and travel benefits).


An online account with the BC provincial government that you will create as part of your application where they will send you important information.  REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD—YOU WILL NEED IT TO GET YOUR EI REFERENCE CODE!

Commuting Benefits

This is your daily commuting to and from school; enter the weekly total of kilometres travelled or your cost for transit here as directed. Please note that parking and other expenses are not covered.

Dependent Care Benefits

If you require additional child care/dependent care due to attending school, enter the appropriate information regarding your dependents here as directed.

Disability Benefits

If you are entitled to disability benefits, enter the applicable information here as directed.

EI Reference Code

16-digit code you will provide to Service Canada as part of your EI application to allow you to receive EI as an apprentice while attending school; the code is generated by your application in the Apprentice Online Portal and will be accessible through your BCeID account 2-3 business days after submitting your application (see also Apprentice Online Portal, BCeID).

Employment Insurance (EI)

Provides temporary financial assistance for unemployed Canadians while they look for work or upgrade their skills.


Apprenticeship grants and tax incentives are available through the BC provincial government ( and the federal government (; please apply separately at the above websites.

ICM Status

This status appears once your attendance has been confirmed by your school; it means that your application has been received in the “Integrated Case Management” system of the province.

Living Away From Home Benefits

This is for apprentices who are maintaining two residences while attending school; for example, you live in Kitimat and will continue to pay your mortgage for your primary residence while you sublet an apartment in Burnaby for the duration of your course. Enter your information here as directed.

Preapproved Status

This status appears from when you apply until your first week of school when your attendance is confirmed and your status changes to ICM; if you apply well in advance, this status appears four weeks before your start date (see also ICM Status).

Travel Benefits

This is your one-time/one-way travel from where you live to where you attend school; enter the appropriate kilometres travelled/ferry costs, etc. For example, you live in Port Hardy and you will be travelling to Burnaby to live there for the duration of your course while you attend BCIT, then travelling home to Port Hardy at the end of your course.

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