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Every week on Chilliwack’s 89.5 The Drive radio station, Barbara Miller from our Yale Rd. ESC presents a short Employment Report.

These reports range from local labour market information, to job search tips, to events for people looking for their next job. We’ve assembled some of the best ones here for your benefit and enjoyment. Enjoy!

  •     Job Search Mistakes Part 1
  •     Job Search Mistakes Part 2
  •     Job Search Mistakes Part 3
  •     Resume
  •     Hidden Job Market
  •     Online Job Postings
  •     Starting Over
  •     Job Searching with Google
  •     Sending Email Attachments
  •     Professional Email Address
  •     Aging Workforce
  •     Demographics
  •     Over Applying
  •     Email Guidelines
  •     Job Post Scams
  •     Application Selection
  •     Information Interviews
  •     Interview Mistakes
  •     Services to Specialized Populations
  •     Services to Employers
  •     Chilliwack Agricultural Sector
  •     Chilliwack Technology Sector
  •     Chilliwack Tourism Sector
  •     Chilliwack Manufacturing Sector

Any suggestions for our next Employment Report? Leave it in the comments below!

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