Triple your Visibility with this LinkedIn Tweak


by Ray Colegrave

So you’re looking for a new job, or perhaps just testing the waters to see if there’s something better lurking in the depths. You’re tech savvy; your internet presence is strong. A Google search on your name yields good results.

You’ve read the fantastic articles in Job Search 101 on our blog and learned tons of good techniques. You’ve created your own 21st Century Resume and are working on Creative Cover Letter Alternatives; you know the 5 Steps to an Awesome Linked-In Profile and have achieved an All-Star Profile Strength; you know How to Interview Like a Politician.

But somehow you just don’t feel visible enough…you want more. You’ve changed your Linked-In settings to reveal as much as possible on your public page. Viewers can see your Overview, Summary, Experience, Skills and Expertise (minus the number of people endorsing each skill), Education, and some Additional Information. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t provide in-depth information; it’s plain and ordinary. You want all viewers to see those dynamite recommendations provided by members of your network; you want them to see your boards on Pinterest. You don’t have time for your own blog, but you have posted as a guest blogger on existing sites and added expert comments on others. How can you make those more publicly visible? How can you let the world see the whole of you?

Hold on! That information and more is on your 21st Century Resume. If you can just make that publicly available online, that would be fantastic. But how…?

Of course, services like, Dropbox, and Google Drive provide space to store files and allow shareable links, but where can you post that link for maximum exposure?

Whoa – lightning bolt!!

On your “public” Linked-In profile, in the Overview section, there is a line entitled websites. In fact, when you signed in, clicked Edit Profile and…EditContactInfo


…you discovered that besides the link to your current Company Website, you could, in fact, place 2 additional links with whatever title you chose. Wow! That shows on the PUBLIC profile.

You decide a link, entitled Resume, might be in order. That will get them to all the information you want the world to see on your 21st Century Resume.

You know what? They can now view a link to your recommendations through the resume, but you decide you might as well share a link directly to those as well; or perhaps you can share a link to your video promo (your 1 minute elevator pitch), or to an infographic or a Slideshare presentation, or other files (sound bite, document, jpeg, or…) that will enhance your employment opportunities and reputation. Too bad they only allow 3 links.

You wonder, “Hmmm…what else can I do …” and you hope you can share your insights on a blog where it will be viewed by thousands (maybe millions) of others who will add comments and share their own insights/expertise to help others who want MORE VISIBILITY PLEASE!

Ray Colegrave is a Resource Room Coordinator/Facilitator at our Downtown Victoria ESC. You can follow him on Twitter at @rcolegrave.

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