Is Friday The Best Day To Get A Job?

January is “Ask A Resource Room Coordinator” month here at GT Hiring Solutions!

Throughout January we’re featuring of our amazing WorkBC Resource Room Coordinators to get their ‘secret tips’ on job search and career management.

This week we’ve got Jan from Victoria Gorge Road, who says Friday (yes, Friday!) is the best day to get hired.

Her reasons? Read on…

“Why Friday is a good day to get hired:

  1. Friday is the best day to grab a recruiter’s attention because there’s less competition from other people applying for jobs
  2. Applying for a role at the end of the workweek could give you an edge over the competition
  3. Hiring managers are under pressure to find the right candidate
  4. Most job posting are posted on Tuesday morning, applications are reviewed and decisions are usually made by Friday
  5. The manager is winding down from the week and is in good spirits
  6. Fridays are normally cut off for pay periods, you would start in the new pay period making it easier for accounting
  7. The Company would rather start training on Monday
  8. It’s naïve to think that Friday is an off day, when applying for jobs there are no off days anymore.”

Thanks Jan! You’ve got some great points here!

Join us again for our next installment of “Ask A Resource Room Coordinator”.

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