Here’s a Cover Letter Template for People Who Hate Writing Cover Letters

One of the hardest things about job searching is writing a good cover letter for job applications. There’s no choice anymore: Having a cover letter is standard practice to include with your resume, and people who don’t include one put themselves at a serious disadvantage.

But, the question remains: What the heck do you write about?

Sure, it’s easy to just make your cover letter a rehash of the top points of your resume, but isn’t that what everyone else does? Boring!

To truly stand out from the crowd (and put you in the running for an interview), imagine a cover letter that positions you not only as someone qualified to do the job, but as the perfect fit for the company on a values level.

That’s what this cover letter template aims to do.

Based on the popular word game “Mad Libs”, our cover letter template will, with a bit of research on your part and a great resume, turn your old cover letter into one that should put you well above the majority of other applicants.

Download the PDF below, copy to a Word .doc, insert the right words, and send!

Handy Tips:

  • Do Your Research! If this is a job you really want, then make sure you find things about the company that you truly connect with. Spend some time on their website and Google-ing their name for up-to-date news. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook too. Learn who they are, what they take pride in, and find connections between that vision and your own values.
  • Target Your Resume: Make sure that your resume has the qualifications that they’re looking for in easy-to-find places. Rule of thumb: Try to summarize your best qualifications in an easy to find profile statement at the top of your resume.
  • Go All In: Don’t do this halfway! This cover letter format is proven to work across all industries and professions. If the language is too fancy, make it a bit less fancy. Make it your own, but don’t change the main message: You and the company share the same values, therefore you are a fit for them.


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