A Cover Letter Tip To Help You Stand Out

January is “Ask A Resource Room Coordinator” month here at GT Hiring Solutions!

Throughout January we’re featuring of our amazing WorkBC Resource Room Coordinators to get their ‘secret tips’ on job search and career management.

This week Naomi from our Downtown Nanaimo WorkBC Centre shares a cover letter tip that will leave a great impression with the hiring team.

Over to you, Naomi:

“Here’s why it’s worth picking up the phone to ask who you should address your cover letter to:

The first step to making yourself stand out from the crowd is to address your cover letter to a “real” person, if you can. 

You’re thinking: “it doesn’t list a name, and I couldn’t find the Hiring Manager on the company website!”

Luckily, you’re a savvy job seeker and you have a secret weapon; the phone!

“Hello, My name is ____ and I’m just getting my application ready to apply for the ____ position.  I’m just wondering if you could please tell me who I should address my cover letter to? ….. and how do you spell that please?”

  • Addressing your cover letter to the correct person (with the correct spelling!) can show your interest and show that you’ve taken extra effort to personalize your application
  • By finding out the hiring manager’s name, you now know who to follow up with if you don’t hear anything after the application deadline has gone by
  • If you are applying in person, you can now hand in your application in a sealed manila envelope addressed to the hiring manager (eg: Attn: Joan Smith). The chances of the application ending up directly on the hiring manager’s desk have now increased.
  • If you are applying in person, you can now follow up directly with the HR Manager a couple of days later to ensure that they received your application.

Yes, it takes extra effort to do these steps, but extra effort can pay off in your job search!”

Thanks Naomi! That’s an awesome strategy.

Join us next time, everyone. 🙂

2 Replies to “A Cover Letter Tip To Help You Stand Out”

  1. Great tip! My question would be about what to do if the job posting directly asks for “no phone calls, please” – what do you suggest in that situation, Naomi?

    • Here’s Naomi’s answer:

      Good question, Trinity! If a posting directly asks for “no phone calls, please” you would definitely want to follow those instructions. In that case, I would just stick to seeing if you can find the hiring manager’s name via the website or LinkedIn.

      If you are unable to find the name, just stick with a general salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Human Resources Manager”.

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