5 Tips to Posting Your Resume Online

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Most online job boards like Monster.ca or Indeed.ca have an option for job-seekers to upload their resume to their site. The idea is that once your resume is uploaded, employers and recruiters will find your resume and contact you for an interview.

While this is an enticing idea, most people are disappointed when they never receive that call or email they were hoping for. Even worse, resumes posted to even the most secure of job search sites can become a source of personal information theft.

So how do you increase your chances of having an employer contact you, while still keeping your personal information safe? Read on!

1. Make Your Resume Extremely Targeted:

If you read this blog or are a client at one of our WorkBC Centres, you know that we preach a targeted job search. This means creating resumes and job applications for each position (or even company) you apply for.

A targeted approach is especially important if you’re posting to an open job board. And it’s extremely important that you laser-focus your targeting using keywords.

Keywords are crucial in your resume because they are the words and phrases that employers are going to be searching for in order to find your resume. So make sure that you’ve included all the skills, abilities, tools, equipment, and areas of expertise that you have, in order to increase your chances of being found among other resumes.

2.Remove Most Personal Information:

Now that you’ve created a super-targeted resume full of keywords, you can increase the security of the document by removing the following pieces of personal information:

  • Your Street Address (keep the City and Province)
  • Your Telephone Number (unless it’s voice mail-only)
  • Social Insurance Number and Birthdate (shouldn’t be there to begin with)
  • Employment or Personal References of Any Kind

In addition, it’s best to remove the names of each company in your Employment History, replacing them with descriptions of the type of business instead. Doing this will stop recruiters from contacting past employers before speaking with you personally.

For instance, if you’ve included details about your employment at Bob & Terry’s Coffee Emporium, replace that Company name with something like ‘Small Coffee Roasters and Café, Downtown Chilliwack’. Everything else can stay the same.

3. Create a Special Email Address:

Normally we suggest a separate email address for all your job-search activities, but that’s not enough when you’re posting resumes to sites like Monster or Indeed.

If you’re going to post to an open job board, where anyone can contact you, you’re going to get a lot of SPAM to any email address you include in that resume. You may get legitimate job offers, but you will almost certainly get unrelated offers, ‘make money’ scams, and invitations from Nigerian Princes too.

So before you upload the resume, make sure you’ve created a brand new email account with Gmail (or Yahoo or Hotmail) that’s just for posting on open job boards. Don’t forget this step, the sanity of your Inbox depends on it!

4. Refresh and Resubmit Regularly:

You’re probably one of 100 or more people that will be posting their resume to any given job board on any given day. That means that it’s not going to take long for your resume to get lost in the shuffle.

In fact, many recruiters and hiring managers only pay attention to the freshest of resumes in the categories or skill sets they’re looking for, only going back a week or two from the most recent applications.

This means you’ll need to be regularly refreshing, improving and re-submitting your resume to each job site you’re targeting. It’s a competitive market, and you need to make sure you’re at the top of the pile all the time.

5. Be Ready When They Contact You:

Job searching is stressful, and it’s easy to forget to do little things. But one thing you must remember to do if you’re posting your resume to an online job board is to check your email or voice mail at least once a day.

Remember, employers and recruiters have literally hundreds of candidates to choose from when they’re looking through resumes on a site like Monster. And the sooner they can speak with someone the better chance that person has of getting a phone or in-person interview.

So make sure you’re ready when they contact you! And be prepared for a short telephone interview to happen almost immediately after the initial contact is made. And congratulations! It’s time to Ace the Interview!

5 Replies to “5 Tips to Posting Your Resume Online”

  1. You said not to name the previous employer on the resume. For example, I worked in a bank. What will I put in my resume? Thanks for the tip

    • Hi Rexie,

      One way would be to describe the position, plus the size/location of the bank. Something like ‘Front-line Advisor at a Major Financial Institution’ could work. Describe something about the bank: Is it a big company, or small credit union, or major investment bank? Was it busy, was it located downtown? Add some descriptors to give an idea of what kind of bank it was. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Christine,

      In this job market 8 months unemployed isn’t unusual. Depending on what position your resume is for it could be totally acceptable. You could also try a functional or combination-style resume if you’re still concerned about that gap.

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