Employer Interview: Julie Adams of Slegg Building Materials

As the BC labour market shifts and we see lower unemployment rate in Greater Victoria, more and more employers are seeking the “right” kind of employees to join their teams.

As part of our labour market research, we discovered Slegg Building Materials was the Greater Victoria employer with the highest number of job vacancies in August 2018. We wanted to find out more, and as a result were kindly granted an interview with the company’s Director of Human Resources, Julie Adams.

Prior to her role with Slegg, Julie came from a background in human resources and management, working for big names like Hudson’s Bay Company and Walmart Canada. Julie was a delight to interview and shared Slegg’s understanding and encouragement of employee desires for professional development.

1) What is your take on the labour market now and how is Slegg adapting to the changes?

“Our vacancies can be deceiving because we promote internally whenever possible. This can cause a domino effect that will make one vacancy look like three or four, as we fill internally. The labour market over the month of September showed signs of improvement, and we enjoyed a healthy reduction in turnover. We have had to be on top of our game to educate our staff and the public that we are an employer that has long term stability, career growth, and robust total compensation packages that include benefits and perks needed for employees to remain healthy and invested.”

2) What is your favourite thing about working at Slegg?

Julie spoke very highly of Slegg’s culture and the opportunities provided for their staff. Once a member of Slegg, employees have a high capacity to grow within the company. They are a “forward-thinking” employer, meaning, departments “from Human Resources to Operations to Purchasing are always looking at what is next including new trends or market shifts, being proactive for both our customers and employees.”

3) What are the benefits of working for Slegg?

Julie shared a number of benefits for Slegg employees: competitive wages, a comprehensive benefits package including health and dental coverage, great partnerships with other companies offering employee pricing with TELUS, GoodLife Fitness and Popeye’s Supplements, and opportunities for advancement.

4) What kind of training or certifications do you offer? What opportunities are available with Slegg for professional development?

Professional development and individual growth is really important to Slegg. They have created a culture where employees are encouraged to strive for their passions. Each employee can access up to $2000 in education and training funds per year. As well, they offer in-house training which includes forklift operator certification, First Aid, and their own online learning platform called Titan-U. This learning platform allows individuals to advance their professional development through training on time-management, self-care, stress management and much more.  If that is not enough, twice a year Slegg offers Microsoft Excel training for beginners to advanced levels.

5) What is the most popular position(s) you hire for? What is the best way for job seekers to apply? Any tips and tricks?

Slegg hires for many roles with the most popular positions being in administrative functions and delivery team positions. According to Julie, “Applying online is best, and visiting the Slegg location you are applying to never hurts as it gives the hiring manager an opportunity to put a face to a resume.”

6) Interesting facts!

Slegg Building Materials has 11 locations and 600 employees on Vancouver Island. Recently Slegg joined GMS, one of the world’s largest distributors of building materials.

With over 40 job postings in the month of August, amazing employee benefits and training opportunities, it is no surprise that Slegg Building Materials is one of the top employers in Victoria. Thank you to Julie for taking the time to share some interesting insights and perks of being a Slegg employee.

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