Wage Subsidy Program: What it Is and How it Works


Are you having a harder time than usual finding or keeping a job? Are you looking for a way to gain valuable ‘on-the-job’ experience or skills?

One of the many effective programs that our Employment Service Centres offer is the Wage Subsidy (WS) program.

Wage Subsidy is a program that provides an incentive for employers to hire and train a candidate to work for them. The new employee’s wages are partially subsidized by the program for 12 to 24 weeks, as long as the employee is working 35 or more hours per week.

At GT Hiring Solutions, we’ve found that the Wage Subsidy program works very well for people who, for whatever reason, are currently finding it harder than usual finding or keeping their next job. Reasons for this could be a lack of experience, skills, or training in that particular field, or other factors such as a disability or other employment-related concern.  The best part about the WS program is that from the outset, the goal for both the employer and the candidate is long-term employment.

How does the WS program work? What happens is that once an Employment Services Advisor has verified that you’re eligible for the program, you’re given a Wage Subsidy Letter. This letter explains to prospective employers that you’re part of the WS program and that they may be able to receive a Wage Subsidy if they choose to hire you. There are many situations where an employer may want to hire someone on ‘fit’, even though that person may need more training than a more experienced candidate. Wage Subsidy reduces some of the risk around that situation by providing a percentage of the new hire’s wages for the initial employment period.

Beyond the Wage Subsidy letter for employers, candidates who are part of the WS program are able to take part in all our other services such as workshops, one-to-one coaching, our Resource Room and exclusive job postings etc. Once you land your next job, we continue to provide support to you through the length of the WS program.

How do you get started with the WS program? Attend one of our WS Information Sessions, or visit the ESC closest to you and arrange to meet with an Employment Services Advisor. If you already have an ESA, you may want to ask them if the WS program is right for you.

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