Client Success Story: Robert in Victoria

Robert is 52 years old, currently living with his family in Greater Victoria.  Before he came to GT Hiring Solutions, he worked at a local gas station for 16 years.

Unfortunately, with no explanation from his employer, Robert’s hours were cut back drastically which led to a layoff in October 2014. With no success job searching on his own, Robert decided to connect with GT Hiring Solutions to explore our services.

During his time with us, Robert attended workshops to assist with job search strategies, interview prep and resume assistance. He also attended our Mature Workers Networking group, was referred to Wage Subsidy, and got one-to-one help from his case manager.

After 8 months of attending interviews but not receiving an employment offer, and a short but unsuccessful placement at a local restaurant, Robert was starting to feel discouraged. In further talks with his Employment Service Advisor (ESA), Robert shared that he had suffered a head injury in childhood, and had difficulties learning in school. He had also suffered from other medical conditions during his life. Robert’s ESA wondered if there might be an undiscovered learning disability, as he had never had any kind of assessment completed.

Robert was referred for some assessments to find out more information about his learning disability, his strengths and challenges, and what kind of jobs he would be best suited for. After the assessment results came in, it was recommended that he pursue disability benefits while focusing his job search on part-time, entry-level work.

Working with our partner Together Against Poverty Society, Robert applied for disability benefits and was approved, giving Robert some much-needed financial stability. Even more happily, Robert found a part-time dishwashing position in June 2015.

In addition to regular follow-up calls, Robert’s ESA continued to support and assist him throughout his employment.  The biggest success for Robert and his family was to finally confirm and understand his disability. As of May 2017, Robert remains employed and still keeps in touch with his ESA.

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  1. That’s fantastic! As ESA’s (or Service Managers in Edmonton) we don’t always know all the details. Yet the more we know, the more we can access and help you with!! It definitely can mean the difference between success or not. Congratulations on your success Robert!|

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